This is why I shouldn’t sit down to write when I’m hungry – I end up with a blog entry about brunching! I always get questions from friends seeking brunch spots that meet certain specifications – those that are welcoming to pups, spots that are good for families, places that don’t really mind if you linger, etc.

So, here’s my list of “go to” places based purely on my own opinions and experiences without one iota of scientific evidence.

Friendly for Four-Legged Friends – say that 5 times fast!  

  • Midway Pub in East Atlanta Village with its large patio and pup-friendly atmosphere is a great place to grab some grub and mimosas. Circle up with some friends and play a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Ladybird is located in the Old 4th Ward directly off the beltline. If you’re looking for a place a bit more lively or active, this is your spot. They’ve got a great patio and yard that welcomes dogs and is perfect for people watching.

Shhh! The Game Is On!

  • If you’re anything like my wife, you can appreciate watching the big game in a spot with great viewing options coupled with fantastic drinks and food. Hampton & Hudson nestled in the Inman Quarter development over in Inman Park is our favorite place to cheer on the Falcons or the Atlanta United. With plenty of TVs both inside and out along with a great sound system, we are seldom disappointed. Something to keep in mind – if it’s a big game day, better bring your patient pants!

Is It Still Brunch If It’s 6 O’Clock (p.m.)?

  • Some days you just know it’s gonna be that kind of Saturday. Hustle on over 10th & Piedmont in Midtown. The space has a fun vibe and often hosts a fun DJ to make sure your brunch if more akin to a party.  With food and drinks that are absolutely fantastic, you’ll find it hard to leave!

Don’t Mind the Stroller – when you’re looking for good brunch spots for the kiddos, look no further than these gems!

  • Carroll Street Cafe in the funky Cabbagetown ‘hood is a personal favorite. It’s got a chill vibe perfect for getting out with kids and solid eats.
  • The Highland Bakery Decatur location tends to be a little less crazy than the original location over in the Old 4th Ward but the food is equally delicious. A big, roomy space with easy parking options makes this an ideal spot for families.

Hold the Pancakes, Please!

  • Nothing against pancakes, but if you’re trying to eat a little healthier these days, I’d recommend Radial Cafe over in Candler Park. Their food is organic and they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. And to be fair, they’ve also got some fantastic pancakes and cinnamon rolls!

Shhh! It’s a Secret

  • I’m almost hesitant to put this on the list but it’s just so damn good! Gato over in Candler Park can fit about 20 people inside at a time. But if you don’t mind getting there early or enduring a bit of wait, it’s absolutely worth it! It’s one of the few places my super southern wife will eat a biscuit in this city and not complain. And if that’s not enough, think sweet potato pancakes with chocolate chips.

Lingering Is An Art

  • My wife and I love to travel and one thing we’ve discovered is the tendency of other cultures to linger over a meal. In America, it’s so often go, go, go that we forget the joys of dining while visiting with friends or simply enjoying the atmosphere. Venkman’s in Old 4th Ward is a fantastic option for engaging in the art of lingering. With live music and bottomless mimosas it’s an excellent way to enjoy a few hours on a Saturday.  

Off the Beaten Path

  • Every now and then you stumble across a hidden gem you never expected.  Enter Mediterranea nestled in a quaint little building over in Grant Park. This place is known for their amazing mediterranean-inspired brunches. The french toast is a personal fave!


  • I definitely want to throw a little love over to the westside. This area of town has flourished in recent years and now hosts some truly terrific restaurants.  But, if I had to name a place for brunch, I’d go for the classic West Egg Cafe over in the Westside Provisions District.

As they say, that’s all folks!

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