It’s that time of year folks! That time when I get excited about little house projects that can make a big difference. This month I wanted to share 5 projects that give your abode major curb appeal for under $100.

Side note – I hear so many people say that they’re putting off home improvement projects for when they’re getting ready to sell. Why??? There’s nothing like a quick project to get excited about your house again and you should love living there! Don’t wait until you are ready to sell your home to spruce things up, trust me on this.

  • Paint your front door. Give it some wow with a pop of color. Exterior paint costs less than $40 but a front door in a carefully chosen hue can refresh the whole exterior. Not sure what color would work best?  Try this fun quiz or grab a few samples from your local store.
  • Power. Wash. Two of the most powerful words in exterior home reno. Everything from the sidewalk, steps, driveway, porch, or the whole shebang. It’s amazing what a little wash will do – not to mention it’s incredibly satisfying to watch all of that grime fade away. You can rent a power washer from Home Depot for just $38 a day.
  • Replace your house numbers. Sounds simple but it makes a difference. Etsy is a great place to find affordable custom house numbers in metal, wood, mosaic, you name it! There are so many ways to incorporate a number display into the overall look and feel of your home. I highly recommend going down a Pinterest rabbit hole for this one.
  • Change or refresh exterior lighting. If you like the look and style of your exterior lighting, you can always spruce it up using a fresh paint job.  But, if you think it’s time for a new look, most lighting fixtures at your local hardware store will run under $100. Pro tip – Make sure to flip the breaker to cut the power!
  • Freshen up landscaping. Whether it’s refreshing the mulch, adding a couple potted plants to the porch, or trimming the hedges, a little can go a long way to feeling great about your front yard. If you’re anything like me and my wife, you’ll probably want to consult a gardener at your local garden and greenery shop for advice about the maintenance and care of your plants.  We usually start off with, “We need something that’s difficult to kill.”

Now that you’ve gotten some ideas, get to work!  Tag @tiffsellsatl on Instagram and let me see what you’ve done!

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